October 1, 2021 - March 1, 2022

Be A Book Bunny

Be a Book Bunny distributes literacy bags to over 900 students served by MRC in the Midlands to help children build personal libraries to encourage reading both in and out of the classroom.

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How does it work?

For our Be a Book Bunny program, YLS has partnered with the Midlands Reading Consortium (MRC), a volunteer tutoring initiative, to support pre-kindergarten through second-grade students who are falling behind their peers in reading. Be a Book Bunny sponsors fill Book Bunny reading totes with eight new, age-appropriate books and school supplies. There is no limit to how many totes a business, family, or individual can provide. Each tote is tagged by each child's grade and gender to help our volunteers provide the right kinds of books.


  1. Become a book bunny sponsor by making an online gift

    You can support Be a Book Bunny through sponsorship. Sponsors allow us to purchase books and school supplies to fill even more literacy totes and continue to grow and ensure this meaningful program’s success. Become a sponsor and help us meet our goal!

  2. Volunteer to buy books and fill bunny totes for our students

    Once we've hit our sponsorship goal, we'll hop to ordering totes for all of our MRC students. You can help us fill totes by picking up an empty tote (or 2, or 10!) that has the first name and grade level of one of our students. Fill the tote, bring it back to United Way, and we'll get it in the hands of the student. 

  3. Purchase books and supplies through our Amazon wish list

    Our Amazon wish list is full of options you can purchase for our students. Just place an order and they will be shipped directly to United Way!

A strong foundation of reading greatly impacts a child’s success in school and beyond.

This past year, more than 900+ totes were distributed to students in response to COVID-19.

A personal library encourages healthy reading habits, which helps children succeed later in life.

Having books at home helps spark the desire to read and helps kids gain confidence in their reading skills.

Book Bunny 2020

Responding to COVID-19

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to help this community navigate an uncertain time. Last year, over 5000 donated books were used to fill more than 900 totes through our Be A Book Bunny program with the help of our United Way staff who were taking precautions like wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer during COVID-19. These totes will supply children with our Midlands Reading Consortium with books and school supplies. This year, more than ever, Book Bunny has the potential to make an even greater impact.

Thank you to this year's Book Bunny Sponsors!

The Joy of Reading

The Be a Book Bunny program is in its 4th year, we can make this year the best one yet.

Volunteer Opportunities

Together, we can improve the lives of millions of people, because we are more than just fund-raisers. We are hand-raisers. Volunteer to help with book bunny projects or any of the varied opportunities available to serve the Midlands community.

Your Gift Matters

About $30 covers the cost of one tote for a student

Over 1,000 students are involved in the Midlands Reading Consortium Program this year

Help us give out even more books and school supplies in 2021

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Thank you to this year's MRC Sponsors!