Committee Members

We are excited to announce our new steering committee members for 2020-2021! Thank you to the following members for committing your time and talent to support Always United, United Way of the Midlands and our community.

2020-2021 Steering Committee

Always United Officers

Liz Anders, Chair
Paul Fant, Immediate Past Chair
Debra Hamm, Membership Chair
Rosemary Knowlton, Secretary
Phil Waddell, Vice-Chair/Transportation Initiative
Claudia Brooks, Activities Chair

Always United Representatives on United Way of the Midlands Councils & Committees

Mike Biediger, Board of Directors
Moss Blachman, Health Council
Frank Brown, Community Impact Committee
Hayes Mizell, Education Council
Roger Schwind, Financial Stability Council
Odell Stuckey, Partnership Committee

Always United Members at Large / Committee Members

Bruce Bondo
Sarena Burch
Theresa Counts-Davis
Cindy Cox
Jerry Davis
Pam Lackey
Libba Patterson


Committee Descriptions
The Always United Communications Subcommittee leads the effort to create an identity, messaging and marketing and communications plans for the initiative. This subcommittee assists with the other sub-committees in designing and promoting any special event activities and advertising efforts. Staff at United Way executes the plans created by this subcommittee and ensures that they meet United Way guidelines.

The Always United Membership Subcommittee works to ensure that donors to United Way are given an opportunity to remain or become more engaged with the organization. This committee develops plans and works with United Way’s Campaign Committee to establish the active engagement of retirees and soon to retire donors at companies that run a United Way annual campaign. The subcommittee also develops and works a plan to re-engage retiree donors who lost contact with United Way when they left the workplace. Additionally, membership by community residents will be encouraged.

The Always United Activities Subcommittee recommends and creates activities designed to encourage participation by the membership. These include volunteering, social and educational events, joint events with other United Way affinity groups. This sub-committee works with the other subcommittees to coordinate activities and ensure the smooth execution of events.

Recommends, schedules and attends volunteer activities (virtual, in-person, skills-based) with United Way community partners..

Charter Members of Always United

A. Irene Albritton    
Thomas Funderburk    
Rosetta Penny
Elizabeth (Liz) Anders*    
Joseph (Joe) Gawronski    
Mike Quinn
Michael Anders    
Latonya Germany    
Frank Radcliff
Caroline Armstrong    
Casey Giraudy    
Naman Rawal
Stacey Atkinson    
Wally Graves*    
April Rice
Katherine Austin    
Michael (Mike) Gray*    
Charles Rice
Walter Bacon    
Charlotte Hamilton    
Patricia A. Saad
Marcia Beazley    
Debra Hamm    
Jasper Salmond
J. Mac Bennett    
Chaela Harris    
Nancy Schwind
Charlotte Berry    
Ann Henry    
Roger Schwind
Morris (Moss) Blachman    
Bob Henry    
Sirdearis Scott
Bruce Bondo    
Jack Hupp    
Charles E. Seastrunk
Whanna Bouknight    
Artise Patricia Irving    
John David Spade*
Kathleen Bounds    
Patricia James    
Louis Spradlin
Mary Paige Boyce    
John Robert Jones    
Danielle Staten
Claudia Brooks*    
Dominie King    
Jennifer Stevens
Frank Brown*    
Rosemary Knowlton    
Edith Stewart
Karen Brown    
Aleta Lane    
Ernest Stroman
John B. (Jack) Bryan    
Tom Ledbetter    
Odell Stuckey
Kymlah Burton    
Barbara Luberoff    
Jean Suber-Smith*
Holly Capps    
Taylor Lybrand    
Shakuntla (Shakun) Tahiliani
Willie Carter    
Percy Mack    
Linda Thompson
Maureen Clark    
Gwendolyn Martin    
Yvette Thompson
Carolyn Close*    
Bryanne McCurry    
Edna Velazquez
Patrick Cobb*    
Sharon Mincey    
Geromie Villamor
Elizabeth (Beth) H. Corley    
Hayes Mizell    
Lisa Waddell
Cynthia (Cindy) Cox    
Dorothy Moore    
Phil Waddell
William(Bill) Cram    
Evelyn H. Moore    
Candy Waites
Carol Cummings    
LaVonne Newsome    
Helene White
Gerald L. (Jerry) Davis    
Kathy Olson    
Lawrence (Larry) Witkowski
Osmund W. Dixon    
Greta Owen    
James Wright
Robbie Lasonda Evans    
Sandra Owensby*    
Brad Zaba
Paul Fant*    
Elizabeth Patterson    
Michael Zaccone
Roberta Fogle    
Wanda Pearson    

*Members of Founding Committee