Midlands Flood Recovery Group

After the 1,000-year flood in October 2015, United Way of the Midlands led the charge for long term flood recovery in the Midlands, organizing the area’s Midlands Flood Recovery Group (MFRG) to coordinate the recovery in Richland and Lexington counties. Today, there are 60 partner agencies included in MFRG.
The MFRG will assist people who are low income and often vulnerable for other reasons including age, disability or household composition. The MFRG will also address other needs of people affected by disaster including spiritual/emotional, legal, health or other financial needs.
The MFRG provides assistance via agencies – direct individual assistance is not available.
Another significant aspect of disaster recovery, which United Way will also work to coordinate, is the participation of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs). These are typically faith-based or other voluntary organizations that are deployed in the community to support recovery efforts. Some come from out of state for weeks; some come for months. Many are teams of people from national offices or local organizations and churches. There are also teams of university students that come in around spring break.
If you are interested in finding volunteer opportunities or donating to the Restoring Hope mission, please click here.

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