We do what needs to get done.

For almost 100 years, United Way has been the one to catch problems that fall through the cracks here in the Midlands, addressing them effectively and efficiently.

Local help for local problems.

These days, it’s trendy for organizations to have a laser-focus on a very specific cause. But the United Way has always had a broader mandate to serve the community, which means we have the flexibility to see and address local problems, including acute, emergency needs like flood relief and complex, systemic problems like youth homelessness. No other organization has both the expertise and the resources to assemble a team, quickly if needed, to tackle our community’s most important problems.

Together, we thrive.

Complex problems like homelessness, childhood trauma, and gaps in education and healthcare can’t be solved overnight. They require coordination among many different organizations working hand-in-hand. That’s why United Way partners with other local nonprofits to address systemic problems. By bringing together local partners, we can have a bigger impact in a shorter period of time.

Help to Change Lives in the Midlands

Every dollar counts...just like every person in our community.