Flood Recovery

Getting the Midlands Community Back on Their Feet

After three years, $2.3 million raised, 200,000 volunteer hours given, and 255 homes repaired, we want to keep our promise to report back to you on the achievements you made possible with your generous gifts. In October 2015, South Carolina experienced a devastating 1,000-year flood because of Hurricane Joaquin. More than 11 trillion gallons of water engulfed the area and swallowed everything in its path, but as the waters rose, so did you. You responded immediately — helping neighbors and strangers clean out their homes, pick up debris, provide water, food and encouragement and 7,000 volunteer hours in the first few weeks. Before we could even gauge the damage, you gave generously. And since then, you’ve allowed us to celebrate homecomings with welcome baskets, hugs and happy tears. We showed that when Mother Nature is at her worst, human nature is at its best. United Way has served the Midlands for 90 years. We know that every day, thousands of our neighbors are one rent increase, one health problem or one car repair away from their own disaster. With your support, United Way is here, responding to personal disasters every day.

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Initial Phase of Relief

Assistance for Flood Victims

Information on Local Government Flood Recovery Efforts

Flood Recovery Funding

*Organizations providing flood recovery assistance who would like to partner with United Way should call 803-733-5421.


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Dial United Way 2-1-1, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for information on non-emergency human service needs.

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