September 14, 2022 - January 1, 2023

Bridging Columbia

Welcome, Class of 2022!

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Bridging Columbia Overview

Hear community members share an overview of what Bridging Columbia is all about.

Learn how Bridging Columbia aims to boost long-term talent retention by building up our region's capacity for preparing, exposing and connecting more African Americans under 40 to serve on non-profit boards and commissions. Upon graduating, each member is then placed on a local non-profit board (or commission) that aligns with his/her interests.

Class 6: December 7

Financial Management, Stewardship and Ethics


Class 3: October 12

Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Organizational Culture

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Class 2: September 28

Strategic Planning & Direction

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Class 1: September 14

Welcome, Nonprofit 101 & Overview of Board Member Duties

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