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August 1 Deadline

Big dreams begin with FAFSA. Complete your application for financial aid today. It takes 10 minutes or less, and most students get the money they need.
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Application for Financial Aid

What is FAFSA?

College can open doors to your dreams, but the cost can be a big hurdle.

That's where financial aid comes in! FAFSA is an application for financial aid offered by the U.S. Department of Education. It offers many people the financial support they need to make college a reality.

The application is fast (it usually takes 10 minutes or less), it's simple, and it can connect you with the money you need to thrive, in school and beyond.

Big Dreams Begin with FAFSA.

Apply by August 1, South Carolina! 10 minutes could be all that stands between you and paying for college.

United Way of the Midlands is committed to helping students like you get money for school. We believe in your potential and want to support your journey to college and beyond.

Submitting your FAFSA can make college more affordable, easing the burden on you and your family. It’s a key step to ensure you have the chance to pursue higher education and prepare for a successful career. Start your financial aid application today and take the first step toward a brighter future!

Applied before? Don't let past FAFSA troubles stop you from trying again. Apply by August 1!

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South Carolina, submit your FAFSA by the August 1 deadline!