Resilient Richland

Addressing Childhood Trauma

Resilient Richland is a coalition of public and private agencies that individually recognized the impact of trauma on children and families and committed to a collective response.

Why focus on childhood trauma?

Trauma experienced during childhood impairs development, and its harmful effects can last a lifetime. The early experience of trauma is more common than people think and has a tremendous cost to our community. 

We can help prevent trauma. But we must first acknowledge it exists. 

Resilient Richland aims to reduce the stigma of trauma and equip individuals and organizations with information and skills to build resilience among children and youth. 

Join us.

See our list of upcoming resiliency trainings.

Contact Jennifer Moore at 803.733.5421 to find out other ways you can get involved.

Youth & Resiliency: Safe Zone Training

Tony Brown with the Wright Wellness Center, will be leading a Safe Zone Training. Safe Zone Training provides participants with a culture-specific introduction to LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examination of prejudice, assumptions and privilege.

The workshops are wonderfully unique opportunities for people to talk, learn and ask questions about sexuality and gender in a non-judgmental, safe and educational environment. If you are interested in attending, please register below.

Help them thrive

We are partnering with school systems, hospitals, and other community organizations to train them to recognize the symptoms of trauma and respond appropriately. More than 20 agencies are now engaged in planning strategies to address childhood trauma.

Take another look

First Sergeant Shawn McDaniels talks about his own experience with childhood trauma. Through Resilient Richland, McDaniels is helping to train Richland County Sheriffs and School Resource Officers to look at misbehavior in a more thoughtful, holistic way so that they can address the real source of the problem.

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