Resilient Richland is a movement to build Richland County into a trauma informed, resilient community. RR aims to reduce the stigma of trauma and equip individuals and organizations with information and skills to build resilience among children and youth.

Resilient Richland is focused on four key strategies: 
1.    Community awareness about trauma and its effects on children 
2.    Targeted training for professionals working with children 
3.    Developing prevention interventions with parents and caregivers
4.    Helping youth and family-serving agencies become trauma informed and piloting a program to create a community-based Resiliency Team to provide intensive support to children and families experiencing complex trauma

Component #1 - Community Awareness

Resilient Richland currently is implementing the community education program and the County’s support would expand efforts. Strategies include reaching out to faith-based organizations and other community-based organizations to raise awareness about ACEs and resilience through films, panels, and ACEs training. 

Progress to date:
•    Launch of RR held on November 1st, 2018
•    Launched website and social media platform (Twitter @resilientsc)
•    A video with a local expert and personal testimony on trauma and resilience in Richland County
•    Two additional videos on personal stories of trauma and resilience
•    UWM has two staff positions that are certified ACES trainers
•    Six events have been conducted with seven scheduled through fall 2019

Component #2 – Training

Resilient Richland will offer targeted trainings for professionals that work with children and youth such as school districts, law enforcement, and service providers.

Progress to date:
•    July 2019, UWM will merge the Resilient Richland and Youth in Transition training series for a year-long ‘Youth Training Series’.  Merging the series will improve program integration and leverage staff time more efficiently. 
•    In early fall, we will launch Juvenile Justice Jeopardy, an interactive ‘game’ for 12-18-year-old youth to learn more about juvenile justice and improve positive interactions with peers and law enforcement.  
•    We will also implement additional specialized trainings around understanding poverty and trauma informed care. 

Component #3 – Prevention Plan

•    UWM partnered with Children’s Trust of South Carolina to develop a Plan to prevent the abuse and maltreatment of children. The Plan is grassroots focused and will start its initial work in the 29203 North Columbia area working in local community leaders, parents, and professionals. 
•    A Core Planning Team has been developed with an initial launch to a broader audience in summer 2019. 

Component #4 - Resiliency Team

A Resiliency Team includes a behavior interventionist, a social worker and a trauma informed marriage and family therapist. A social worker will be based in the community providing case management and resources to the families connecting them to resources in the community based on family needs. The interventionist will be based at a school selected for the pilot and be available to provide immediate support to children exhibiting disruptive behavior. This will help the child “in the moment” to manage their feelings and learn skills for regulating their behavior and ideally prevent disciplinary responses that can re-traumatize the child. 

Progress to date:
•    UWM has been awarded $287k from Richland County Government to launch the first two Resiliency Teams in Richland School District One and Richland School District Two in fall 2019. There will be a team based at Jackson Creek Elementary in RSD2 and Watkins-Nance Elementary in RSD1.