Workplace Campaigns

We can't do it without your help.

Workplace campaigns bring your colleagues together for a cause. Whether you are a small or large organization, the impact you can make through collective giving is substantial.

  • Realize corporate citizenship goals with easy, turnkey tools
  • Learn about the Midlands most pressing needs and what you can do to help
  • Access a ready-made database of volunteer opportunities that offer team-building camaraderie
  • Raise funds that stay right here in our community to help promote health, stability, and education

What is a workplace campaign?

Workplace campaigns are a short period of time where you and your employees try to raise money to support the United Way! Employees pledge to donate a small portion of their paychecks over the course of the year. Small amounts, bundled together, add up to a large impact and an easy way to give back to the community.

Every dollar counts, just like every person in our community. 

$500 buys...

$1,000 buys...

  • 5 weeks of home-delivered meals for four senior citizens
  • 200 days of quality after-school care

$2,500 buys...

  • 65 comprehensive eye exams and glasses for uninsured or under-insured patients at WellPartners Eye Clinic
  • 50 homeless youth receive stable, supportive housing and an opportunity to succeed

$5,000 buys...

Ready to get started?

Let's make a difference in our community, together. Contact Laura Haney, Director of Workplace Campaigns, at 803-733-5415.

Running a Campaign

  1. Choose a campaign director to lead your organization and let them recruit a team.
    Teams allow campaign directors to divide responsibilities into defined roles including: marketing and events, communication, finance, human resources, department liaisons, etc. Seek the wisdom of experienced campaign volunteers and mix in new staff for a fresh perspective.
  2. Set a goal.
    Goals should be both challenging and realistic. Before you set a goal for your United Way Campaign, research the past trends of your workplace—including donation levels, number of staff and overall employee participation. United Way staff can provide all these details for you! Keep things fun by setting both monetary and participation objectives. Create goals that are motivating and attainable, and you’re sure to hit them.
  3. Determine your start and end date.
  4. Plan campaign activities.
    This is the fun part! Plan a campaign kickoff, special events, volunteer activities, and most importantly, a wrap party.
  5. Inform and ask.
    The #1 reason cited why individuals do not give is simply because they were never asked. You can do a group ask, where you learn about United Way together, or individual asks, which often results in greater participation. 
  6. Thank everyone.
    One of the most important aspects of a campaign is saying "thank you" and communicating your success with your team!


These are our most-requested resources. Please see our full workplace campaign toolkit for even more information about how to run a successful campaign. 

2019 Campaign Brochure
This overview of the United Way of the Midlands, including our goals and results, shows how we make a positive impact in our community and how you can get involved.                                          

Campaign Checklist
An easy way for ECDs to keep up with the tasks of running a workplace campaign.

Campaign Director Action Guide
Everything an ECD needs to know about running a successful workplace campaign and more!

Donor Choice Form
Passionate about a certain focus area United Way provides funding to? Use this form to tell us how you'd like your investment to United Way of the Midlands to be spent. 

Frequently Asked Questions
These FAQs are designed to help answer questions about what United Way does as an organization.

Pledge Form
Direct your peers here for an easy to print pledge form.

Request a LIVE UNITED Storyteller
We're happy to assist in setting up an in-person storytelling event to show how individuals have been given a chance at a better life from our services and funded programs. 

Sample Campaign Communications
These communications may be used throughout your workplace campaign to encourage employees to give. We also have another sample kick-off and thank you letter from your CEO.

See All Resources