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McKinney-Vento: What the Community Needs to Know


 Join us for the next installation over our Youth & Resiliency series: McKinney-Vento: What the Community Needs to Know. Led by experts Jennifer Felkel, Harbison-West Elementary's McKinney Vento Liaison; Deborah Boon, McKinney-Vento Homeless Education and Parents and Students Succeed (PASS) Project Coordinator at Richland One; and Elizabeth Balog, LMSW-School Social Worker for Lexington-Richland School District 5.

In this session, we will delve into the referral process for outside agencies seeking McKinney-Vento assistance. Attendees will gain insights into the intricacies of connecting clients with vital support services. While recognizing that each school district may have its unique processes, the aim is to provide comprehensive guidelines to assist agencies in completing referrals effectively.

There will be a dedicated 30-minute segment for questions and discussions, fostering an interactive environment to address any queries or concerns. Attendees are encouraged to explore potential gaps in available resources and identify partner agencies capable of filling these voids, enhancing collaborative efforts in supporting vulnerable individuals and families.

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