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WIP Committee Members

Executive Team

  • Melanie Baker

    Member at Large

  • Danielle Boysen


  • Sarah Brennecke

    Sarah Brennecke

    Director of Women in Philanthropy

    (803) 733-5107

  • Erin McCaskill

    Vice Chair

  • Lee Patterson

    Past Chair

  • Martha Scott Smith

    Founding/Charter Member

  • Sharita Sims


Communications Subcommittee

  • Jen Gugliotti

    Communications Chair

  • Catherine Ramirez

    Communications Vice Chair

Community Engagement Subcommittee

  • Jennifer Berryman

    Community Engagement Chair

Events Subcommittee

  • Mary Alexander

    Events Vice Chair

  • Kristin Scott

    Events Chair

Grants Subcommittee

  • Cindy Cox

    Grants & Initiatives Vice Chair

  • Susan Mazur

    Grants & Initiatives Chair

Membership Subcommittee

  • Andersen Cook

    Membership Vice Chair

  • Stephanie Vokral

    Membership Chair

Conference Subcommittee

  • Sandy Brossard

    Conference Vice Chair

  • Tanya Butts

    Conference Chair