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United Way of the Midlands receives $75,000 grant from the Nord Family Foundation

Columbia, SC (Oct 12, 2022) – The Nord Family Foundation awarded United Way of the Midlands $75,000 to raise awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and resilience, continue parent engagement programming for caregivers, support the operations of a Resiliency Team and enhance our AmeriCorps Member program by offering modest housing stipends.

United Way’s Resilient Midlands (RM) is a movement to turn the Midlands of South Carolina into a trauma-informed, resilient community. With this grant, RM will be expanded to offer training and events that raise awareness about trauma and resilience with a focus on volunteers who work with children.

“The United Way Midlands Reading Consortium engages more than 350 volunteers each year who work directly with students,” said Jabari Bodrick, Ph.D., Education & Resiliency Director. “We want to ensure our volunteers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to recognize ACEs and have a strong understanding of resiliency.”

RM will expand its Juvenile Justice Jeopardy program (JJJ). JJJ is like the 'Jeopardy!’ TV show. It’s a gamified training for youth 12-18 years to better understand laws that apply to them and to develop better relationships with their peers and law enforcement. Community organizations that work with youth are invited to host a JJJ session.

“The preventative measures and training Resilient Midlands offers to parents and caregivers is critical in promoting positive development in children and reducing the risk of complex trauma and its effects throughout a child’s life,” said Sara Fawcett, President & CEO.

The implementation of these concepts will require the ability to sustain a Resiliency Team that the Nord Family Foundation was instrumental in creating. This funding will allow Resilient Midlands to continuously offer services from a social worker and a behavioral interventionist who provide intensive support to children and families experiencing complex trauma.

Lastly, the funding requested for housing stipends to Midlands Reading Consortium AmeriCorps Members is instrumental in offsetting the high expense of housing in the Midlands to make participation in the program more accessible. Members serve full-time as school liaisons, promoting literacy, supporting volunteers, and working directly with striving elementary school readers.

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