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United Way keeps residents smiling through WellPartners Dental Clinic

Hazel Smith, WellPartners patient, is smiling today thanks to WellPartners Adult Dental Clinic restoring her smile and confidence.

"I called the caseworker for Salvation Army, and she introduced me to WellPartners, and WellPartners took care of me," Smith said.

WellPartners offers dental and eye care services that provide preventative and restorative care to children and adults in the Midlands. The clinic is owned and operated by United Way of the Midlands with support from Lexington County, Lexington Medical Center, Prisma Health Midlands and Richland County.

"It was a pleasant visit the first time," Smith said. "I came in for a cleaning, and Dr. Stockton said, 'We have a gift that was given to us. Would you like your new teeth?' And I'm smiling today with brand new teeth."

The services WellPartners provides include oral full mouth exams, emergency exams, simple extractions, surgical extractions, radiograph films, panorex films and more. Explore the range of WellPartners services here.

"If I didn't have the teeth, people would not accept me or look at me in a professional way, so WellPartners has changed my life by giving me more confidence, and they've really taken good care of me," Smith said.

Adult residents (18 or older) of Fairfield, Lexington or Richland County who are low income and uninsured are eligible to receive services from WellPartners Adult Dental Clinic. To learn more about WellPartners Dental and Eye Clinic, visit www.wellpartners.org.

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