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WIP Spotlight: Q&A with Communications Chair Ann Beckwith

Ann Beckwith Headshot

Meet Ann Beckwith, a Financial Advisor at Abacus Planning Group and WIP's Communications Chair. 

At Abacus, Ann works closely with clients to understand their objectives in order to develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive financial plan to achieve those goals. In WIP, Ann serves as a symbol of commitment, compassion, and collective empowerment. In this Q&A, she graciously opens a window into her journey, sharing insights that delve into the very essence of what draws her to support WIP.

What initially drew you to support women in philanthropy, and what aspects of the organization's mission resonate with you the most?

My firm, Abacus Planning Group, is committed to giving back to the Midlands community, and we have a history of involvement with United Way and WIP. Some co-workers told me about WIP and I started attending Food for Thought luncheons at United Way. It was so fun to meet new people of all ages and hear about interesting topics. When I joined the Executive Committee, I came to understand that at the very heart of WIP is the desire to uplift and empower those women and children in our community who are the most vulnerable. It’s fun to dress up and go to events and meet inspiring women, but at the end of the day, it’s about the people in our community whose lives are changed as a result…the woman who is able to escape from an abusive relationship and find refuge through Sistercare or the single mom who can receive the support needed to nurture her child’s development, health and learning through Orangeburg First Steps.

How has your involvement in Women in Philanthropy influenced your perspective on philanthropy as a whole?

I have been reminded of the power of a collective movement. When the members of WIP pool our resources, our time, and our talents, we have the ability to make a greater impact together than individually. Our $25,000 grant to Sistercare and our $15,000 grant to Orangeburg First Steps in 2023 was only possible because of all the women who came together to make this generosity possible. 

What advice would you give to individuals who are considering becoming WIP donors?

In giving, you will receive. I have met so many kind and impressive women from all different backgrounds through my involvement with WIP. These are people I wouldn’t cross paths with otherwise, and knowing them has been a sweet reminder that women offer so much to the Midlands community through sharing our time, talent and treasure. 

What is your favorite WIP event and why?

I love the Annual Leadership breakfast each December – something about seeing so many women together in one room during the holiday season with the beautiful decorations warms my heart. It’s also a great chance to explain to guests why WIP exists and the impact we’ve made over the year. 

Ann is a true inspiration, navigating the realms of finance and philanthropy with grace. Her story showcases the incredible things that happen when women come together with a shared vision for positive change. 


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