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Women in Philanthropy Donor Spotlight: Empowering Communities with Ta'Neisha Priester

Meet Ta'Neisha Priester, a dynamic Project Manager at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and an inspiring advocate for women and children in our community. Ta'Neisha's journey with Women in Philanthropy (WIP) has been nothing short of transformative, both for herself and for those she tirelessly supports.

Ta'Neisha was drawn to Women in Philanthropy by the tangible impact WIP has on the community. "I saw the value in what WIP contributes directly to the community," Ta'Neisha said. "WIP is focused on helping women and children succeed in life, and I wanted to be a part of that positive change."

Ta'Neisha's dedication goes beyond financial contributions. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Grants and Initiatives Committee, where she has witnessed firsthand the life-changing effects of WIP’s Self-Sufficiency grants. "Our dollars have enabled women to complete their GED, pursue higher education, and embark on paths to gainful employment and even entrepreneurship," Ta'Neisha said. "Being a part of their life-changing journey is more fulfilling than any words could express."

Through her involvement with WIP, Ta'Neisha has gained a deeper understanding of the broader implications of philanthropy. "Engaging in acts of philanthropy, whether through donations of time, money, or resources, you're not just impacting the lives of others; you gain an immersive understanding of the human experience beyond your own," she reflects. This involvement has allowed Ta'Neisha to appreciate her own blessings and use them to be a blessing to others.

Ta'Neisha's message to those considering joining WIP is clear and passionate: "Just do it. Your charitable contributions have the power to change the trajectory of someone's life and foster compassion and generosity that is often missing in current society."

Among the many enriching events WIP hosts, Ta'Neisha’s favorite is Power of the Purse. "Your purse truly has the power to alleviate challenges others face," she notes. "It cultivates a mindset of gratitude and humility."

Ta'Neisha Priester exemplifies the spirit of Women in Philanthropy. Her unwavering commitment and heartfelt contributions make a significant difference in the lives of women and children in our community.

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