Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the 2022 Blueprint for Leadership Class. I applaud each of you for applying and being accepted to the program. We have a tremendous class representing the private, public and nonprofit sectors. It is our hope to help you grow in your understanding of nonprofits, the role of the board member, and give you more tools to make a positive change in your community. We will use a faculty of consultants, nonprofit leaders, and your own expertise from the companies and organization’s you represent to teach the class. It is my goal for this to be thought provoking, meaningful and inspiring experience. Please give feedback as we journey along together and don’t hesitate to reach out to us about the ways we can make the experience better! Buckle up and let the adventure begin!

Goals of the Program

  1. To gain a 360-degree understanding of all of the sides of nonprofit organizations.
  2. To connect with Nonprofit leaders and hear real examples of the topics put into practice.
  3. To learn of best practices and examples from other company’s and organizations about how they utilize board service and the impact it has on their organizations.
  4. To help connect you with the right fit for board placement.
  5. To build a connection between you as the 2022 Blueprint for Leadership class that will benefit you and last for years to come.

Class structure

  1. Team Bonding/Personal Growth
  2. Expert Speaker on the Topic for the Day
  3. Highlighted nonprofit that will serve as the real life example and best practice of the topic of the day.
  4. Corporate Spotlight H how their company encourages board service and how that board service affects their culture.